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Parents are in command of placing limits on digital media for teenagers and teenagers 6 and older, the academy says. The quantity of day by day screen time depends upon the child and relatives, but children need to prioritize productive time in excess of leisure time.

A handful of hundred little ones continues to be a couple of hundred a lot of, but they won't be assisted by thousand-fold inflation of their quantities.

mortgage, lend - give quickly; let have for any confined time; "I'll lend you my automobile"; "bank loan me some cash"

3. (a mechanism eg one of the gears of a car or truck etcetera which makes a thing shift in) a backwards route or perhaps a path reverse to normal. He put the car into reverse; (also adjective) a reverse equipment. trurat يَجْعَل السَّيّارَه تَسير إلى الوَراء задна скорост marcha-ré zpětný chod der Rückwärtsgang. Rückwärts-... bakgear; bak- ταχύτητα όπισθεν marcha atrás tagurpidikäik خلاف جهت؛ دنده عقب peruutusvaihde marche arrière הִילוּך אָחוֹרִי प्रतिक्रम uključen za vožnju unatrag, u „rikvercu“ hátramenet (gépkocsié) persneling mundur bakgír retromarcia バックギア 후진, 역전 atbulinė (eiga) atpakaļgaitas mehānisms equipment undur achteruitrevers bieg wsteczny نسكورول marcha-atrás marşarier задний/обратный ход spätný chod vzvratna prestava vožnja unazad back[växel] การถอยหลัง geri vites 反向 реверс موٹر کار کا ایک مشینی عمل جس سے وہ الٹی چلتی ہے sự chạy lùi 反向

"You had a great deal of get-togethers which were responsible of the gold-hurry mentality. It's always likely to arrive at an conclusion."

Feminine people say they've been amazed with the men on Bumble. "I felt like I had been becoming punked or a thing, because all the blokes are seriously great hunting and had actually good Positions," explains Lauren Garzon, a 32-yr aged lodge supervisor in NYC.

Wolfe is adamant that "Bumble has practically nothing to try and do with Tinder," even so the comparisons are inevitable—they've equivalent matching mechanisms (the swipe) comparable models (Tinder designers Chris Gulczynski and Sarah Mick also created Bumble) and related advertising on college or university campuses.

one. capable to be reversed. omkeerbaar قابِل للإنْعِكاس обратим reversível odvolatelný umgewendet reversibel; vendbar αντιστρέψιμος, αναστρέψιμοςreversible (ümber)pööratav برگشت پذیر peruutettavissa oleva réversibleהפיך पलटवा preusmjerljiv, kome se može preokrenuti smjer megfordítható bisa dibalik sem hægt er að snúa við reversibile 逆にできる 거꾸로 할 수 있는 pakeičiamas, grįžtamas most importantāms; apgriežams here otrādi kebolehan berundur omkeerbaarvendbar, reversibel odwracalny راستنيدونكي reversível reversibil обратимый zvratný, odvolateľný, zrušiteľný obrnljiv povratan reversibel, omkastbar ซึ่งพลิกกลับได้ tersine çevrilir 可反轉的 реверсивний قابل منسوخی có thể đảo ngược 可反转的

"The surroundings of media has transformed now," Chassiakos said. A lot of components of electronic media are positive: it can be interactive; it facilitates communication; it makes it possible for people today to create. Youngsters generally view class lecture notes and do homework through a screen, she mentioned.

Utilization Note: When utilised as a noun, progress indicates ahead movement (the progress of the military) or progress or advancement (an advance in molecular biology). Progression is normally made use of figuratively to indicate advertising or movement over and above an established norm: occupation advancement.

(Aut) → Rückwärtsgang m; in reverse → im Rückwärtsgang; To place a/the vehicle into reverse → den Rückwärtsgang einlegen; to go into reverse → in den Rückwärtsgang schalten

proffer, proposition, suggestion - a proposal presented for acceptance or rejection; "it absolutely was a suggestion we couldn't refuse"

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conservation, preservation - an event of improvement by virtue of blocking decline or injuries or other modify

Defenders of the 1-in-5 figure will reply which the locating has been replicated by other reports. But these research put up with some or every one of the same flaws. Campus sexual assault is often a serious problem and won't be solved by statistical hijinks.

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